15 gennaio 2023

The luxury perfumes of Maison Hemcael are striking for their strongly recognizable fragrance. Thanks to his love and passion for this excellence, the artist Cael has given life to the prestigious and exclusive HEMCAEL, a niche perfume unique and strictly connected to art. Between dream and vision, in 2021, Cael Pipin realized the idea of entering the world of niche perfumery. After two years of the project, in January 2023, his collection of perfumes was presented worldwide as a preview, real "jewels of the Maison" called Armis. It consists of four fragrances made up of natural essences: Raris – Horruit – Caelum – Abel.

Their characteristics are extraordinary: unisex, with carefully selected, sought-after, and expertly combined olfactory notes, thanks to the collaboration with Chris Maurice, one of the most illustrious "noses" worldwide. Nothing is left to chance; every detail is conceived and taken care of as the creation of a work of art. Hemcael's perfumes are enclosed in stainless steel armour designed by Cael Pipin.

Conceived by the creative genius of Cael Pipin, the brand stands out for its sculptural, sophisticated, and elegant design that plays with artisanal shapes and colour blocking. We can expect new great projects that will amaze and delight the most sophisticated customers looking for excellence and "Unique Piece" creations.